You probably know they now offer audiobooks, large print and braille materials, CDs, DVDs and computers with Internet access. But when did they become so cool? You’re less likely now to hear “ssssshhh’ and more likely to make connections, laugh and learn. It’s like Starbucks, but a lot less expensive with a lot more to do. Plus, when was the last time Starbucks came to you?

The Southwest Chatham Library, which serves Savannah and Pooler, sends a Mobile Book Library to our community twice a month. It brings a wide variety of books, including large print and audio books, as well as DVDs. Residents can request certain genres, authors or titles – and they can keep what they check out for six weeks, then return it directly to the Mobile Book Library when it visits again. 

For those who like the ambiance, local libraries offer  a comfortable, engaging spot to take classes, participate in a variety of clubs, read your e-book, or listen to experts speak on multiple topics – and more. The action never seems to stop at libraries like this. You can get help with your taxes, come out for Pub Night team trivia competitions, Learn More About doing seasonal arts and crafts, play cards (no need to bring a partner) and learn cupcake decorating skills while participating in the library’s “Cupcake Wars” competition. Or play board games, make Mardi Gras masks, learn knitting and crochet, settle in for a night of video games or – and here’s a crowd favorite – de-stress by doing some adult coloring. You get coloring sheets, colored pencils, relaxing atmosphere and snacks provided, or bring your own coloring books and materials. 

How about tips for fast and thorough spring cleaning and closet organizing from the Georgia Extension Services? Maybe button art? Bingo? Everybody loves Family Feud, and if you think you can answer the questions, get your family and friends together to compete for prizes and bragging rights. 

It really is amazing what libraries offer now. Yoga, creative writing challenges, language courses, a course on how to navigate Medicare and even flight simulators.

Or, and we know this sounds crazy, you could actually sit down and do some old-fashioned reading, choosing from an amazing list of newspapers, magazines and the latest fiction and non-fiction books.