March 5, 2019

Moving toward a brighter future:
It’s a big wonderful step

Is it time to make the move you’ve been considering for long? Great. Remember, it’s natural to be excited and nervous. Change can be difficult, even when it means good things are coming your way. Try to remember why you made this decision. Keep in mind the research you did. Be mindful of all the information you gathered that resulted in your decision to move. Also keep the following in mind:

Adjustments take time. Yes, it may be hard at first. Remember all those other adjustments you made, quite successfully, during your life. You did fine. To help make things easier, we’ve provided a few tips that will help you feel ready for this next step.

Saying goodbye to your current home

It’s usually emotional, no question, so take the time to give it a proper goodbye. Sit in your favorite chain, watch a great show, walk around the yard, have friends and family over if that works. Go over some pictures, and prepare to be sad, but remember you are moving forward and great new memories are coming.

Be mindful of unfounded fears

Be careful about ‘catastrophizing’ – continually conjuring up worst-case scenarios. You’ll recall that over the years, many if not most of your fears were unfounded. Odds are you didn’t let fear stop you from enjoying life then and it shouldn’t now. Keep in mind that most seniors prefer senior communities to living alone. But don’t take our word for it. When you visit a Shepherd Living community or any other, take the time to sit with residents and ask them straight up: “Are you glad you made the move?” Also try to focus on all the positives: new friends, many many activities, no cooking unless you want to, the security of nearby assistance, easy transportation and more. We know many seniors who believe that rather than losing independence, they’ve gained independence by moving to a senior community.

Explore your new community

Yes, it may feel strange. Give it a chance. It’s new. The more you explore, the more you will feel comfortable and at home. Any great senior community, including Shepherd, will offer concierge-type services so you can get your questions answered.